A+ Rewards

Stop & Shop A+ Rewards

stopandshopMarvin Elementary School can earn cash through Stop & Shop A+ School Rewards Program.

Thank you to all the families who participated last year. If you previously registered your card you do not need to re-register.

If you have never registered before to participate:

  • Log on to www.stopandshop.com/aplus
  • Marvin School ID is 07666
  • And that is it!!!  After you register your card, every time you use your Stop & Shop Card at Stop & Shop earns CASH for our school.  You do nothing but buy your groceries!!!  What could be easier!!!

Note: You may register for more than 1 school (participating in the A+ School Rewards does not impact the gas points program or any other discounts you may receive when you use your card!)

If you have any questions please contact osheas@norwalkps.org.