For Parents

If you did not receive your class assignment letter that means we do not have your correct address.  We may be missing a building or apartment number.  Please call the school to find out who your child has for a teacher this year.

Dear Parents: 

Each school year bring with it changes and this year is no different.  Here are some additions to our teaching staff:

1st grade teacher - Hannah Lewin.  Hannah worked Summer School and fit right in!!  We are lucky to have her!

3rd grade long term substitute  - Madeleine Grossman.  Maddie has subbed for Marvin and became the 3rd grade teacher's favorite sub!! Maddie will be with us until March.  And we would like to welcome the newest member to the Marvin family born on August 25th - Olivia Grace Deeb.    Well wishes and congratulations to the Deeb family!

Speech and Language Pathologist - Kelsey Connolly joins the Special Education team from New Milford!

To round out our SpEd team we welcome Bahar Sweeney as our school psychologist.

Amanda West is the long term sub for Mrs. Morales (ELL).

Matthew Rescsanszky
is our new strings teacher.

Mrs. Gotouhidis (yes, another Gotouhidis will be working at Marvin!) is our new Gifted and Talented teacher.

Christian Guzman will be joining the staff as our intern.

One final note, while Olivia is the newest member to the Marvin family she isn't the only baby girl to become a Marvin Star! Mia Elizabeth Morales joined the Marvin family on 8/21/18.  

Sue-Ellen Barrett O’Shea