2017 - 2018 Marvin School Governance Council 


Sue O'Shea - Principal
Jennifer Jefferies - parent of a 2nd grade student

Community Members
Linda Walsh
Jon Wilkins

Sharlia Gilman - Kindergarten
Nancy Lamb - 1st grade
Katie Chase - 2nd grade
Kathi Hughes - 5th grade
Alexandra Penick - Social Worker


Marissa Mangone - parent of a 1st grade student and a 2nd grade student

Sabine Schweitzer - parent of a 5th grade student

Nate Sheldon - parent of a kindergarten student.

Dana Siano - parent of a kindergarten student

We are still looking for two more parents who are interested in joining the SGC.  Please contact Mrs. O'She at 203-899-2890 if you are interested in joining the the council.