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For Families

For Parents
Dear Parents: 

You have been deluged with emails and phone calls from staff.  Teachers will be checking in daily to take attendance and to make sure the students understand the information in the student packets.  Please remember teachers must make daily contact with your child or he/she will be marked absent.

I will be updating this page with new information as it comes out.  

New Community Hotline
If you are looking for medical advice, you should contact a health care provider or the Nuvance Health COVID-19 Community Hotline at (888) 667-9262.

Breakfast and Lunch Meals:

All students may receive a breakfast and lunch daily.  Students and parents may pick up breakfast and lunch meals at Marvin Elementary School.  Gloria, our kitchen supervisor, is usually at Marvin handing out food.  The hours food is available is 12:00 - 1:30.  I have heard that additional food locations will be coming soon.  There are currently 10 locations across the city.

Worried about feeding your family during the COVID 19 Outbreak?

While I am working remotely, if you need anything or if I can be of assistance, please reach out to me via email at 

Stay healthy everyone and remember to wash your hands often and do it as well as our girl scout have demonstrated in this video!!

Sue O'Shea
Marvin Elementary School, Principal