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Welcome to Marvin Elementary School

The Marvin Family

Marvin Elementary School is a K-5 neighborhood school in East Norwalk that enjoys a long history that dates back to 1902 when the original school opened on Gregory Blvd. Named after one of the first settlers of Norwalk, the existing school was built in 1974 on Calf Pasture Beach Road where the Marvin Family resided for years.

The approximately 410 students come from families with a diverse mosaic of cultures and customs that they graciously share with their school community. Moreover, the staff has a rich tradition of its own with most of whom have grown up in Norwalk, started their teaching careers at Marvin and currently continue to live and work in the community.

Commonly referred to as the “Marvin Family,” the school focuses on providing opportunities for all students to develop their individual talents and strengths by offering several Talent Development opportunities throughout the school year. Staff members work with various groups of students to unlock their potential while nurturing their unique social-emotional needs and creative thinking processes.

Marvin also has a strong and engaged PTA that supports both staff and students with monthly meetings provided in English and Spanish, enrichment programs for all grades and extremely successful fundraisers. This past year the PTA renovated the faculty lounge and played a key role in supporting the transition of the library into the Marvin Family Learning Commons.

From the day Marvin students enter Kindergarten until they move on to fifth grade and beyond, they and their families become lifelong members of the “The Marvin Family.”

In the following pages, watch a message from our principal, look up contact information for our teachers and staff and read the latest news at Marvin Elementary School.

OUR MISSION: Marvin Elementary School is committed to educating the whole child by ensuring that all students are seen, heard, and valued in a safe and nurturing environment that promotes a passion for life-long learning, respect for self as well as others, and an appreciation for individual differences.

OUR VISION: Marvin School is growing a STRONG culturally relevant school community that cultivates all students’ individual talents and abilities to be safe, responsible, respectful, kind, honest and ready for success in all aspects of life.