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Marvin Block Party

Marvin Block Party
Alexander Calderon

On 9/8/2023, Marvin hosted a back to school block party to kick off the new school year. There was a large turn out of families despite the weather. Students were able to play a wide variety of games, take part in a dance party by a DJ, or choose to enjoy dinner with the families of Marvin. The PTA also provided ice cream to all the families that attended. 

"I loved doing the Cha Cha Slide and dancing with my friends!' - Emely, 5th grade

"My favorite parts were when everyone was doing the Cha Cha Slide and meeting my old teacher's daughter." Kate, 5th grade

"It was fun to bring my kids down and show them what the Marvin community is all about. We grabbed pizza from the food truck and were able to have dinner with other families." - Mrs. Deeb, LMS at Marvin

"It was great to see all the families back at school and able to meet all the new faces in the community." - Sara Church, Marvin parent

"It was an amazing event! There were people all over the school campus. I loved seeing the teachers engage and interact with the students and families!" - Ashley Budnick, Marvin parent