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Marvin's Multicultural Event

Marvin's Multicultural Event
Alexander Calderon

On Friday, October 6th, Marvin Elementary hosted a multi-cultural event for friends and families to attend. The event was held to celebrate the many cultures that are represented here at Marvin. There was a melting pot of food to indulge in as well as games, entertainment, and a doll crafting station. 

"My favorite part was trying all the different food that was offered by all the families!" - Alexandra R., 4th grade.

"It was fun to see my friends that night. I had fun making my doll. I wanted to finish it at home!" - Violet, 2nd grade.

"I thought it was cool to see all the tables of food set up from all the countries. I didn't realize all the different countries that students come from at Marvin." - Yazeed, 4th grade.


"I loved seeing how many families came to the event and share some of their favorite dishes with the Marvin families. It was a great window to peer into what families value and get exposed to foods that you may not get a chance to ordinarily try!" - Ms. Cruz, 4th grade teacher.

"It was a wonderful evening at Marvin! I send a big thank you to the families that helped make it happen. Parents and students served food from all over the world. I sampled everything from paella to perogies, food dishes from Colombia to Morocco." Mrs. O'Shea, principal. 


 "I was amazed to see how many families participated in the event and how enthusiastic they were to share what is important to their cultures. It was great to see current and old students as well attend. The dancers were awesome and all the families enjoyed the night." - Mr. Alex, Digital learning

"I really enjoyed attending the event because I could immerse myself in other people's cultures and learn about them on a deeper level. The food was amazing, the energy was lively, and everyone was smiling! I embraced the diversity in my community. I was very excited and proud to be there!" - Ms. Gorski, 3rd grade.