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Principal Message

Welcome Back After Break Letter

Dear Parents,


I would like to welcome you and your families back to school after the holiday break. In all honesty, I did not enjoy this break at all.  On Christmas morning, I tested positive for COVID and my family and I did not spend our holidays with extended family as we had planned.


I ended up spending the break isolating in my bedroom away from my husband and daughter.  The only time I saw either one of them was when they brought me something to eat or drink.  I even had to shoo our dog, Marty, out of the room, when he tried to visit me.


Lucky for me (?), I slept almost constantly for the first 4 days, but by Wednesday, the isolation was, well…, lonely.  


During this time, I received several emails from parents informing me their children also tested positive for COVID.  The reason I am telling you all this is, now I know first-hand, what it feels like to have the virus, and I believe, the health and safety of Marvin students and staff is important.  


Most parents understand when Shauna Beliveau, our school nurse, calls home to indicate a child is exhibiting COVID symptoms, but many parents become angry and believe their child is just experiencing cold-like symptoms.  Because the Omicron variant mimics the common cold – sore throat, runny nose, cough, etc. - it is important to suspect COVID, have your child tested or have them quarantine for the suggested length of time.


I have had a bunch of time to watch the news, research Omicron and think about the best ways to ensure Marvin students are safe, but I cannot do it without your help.  


In order to continue to keep the schools open, we need the cooperation of all families.


I am happy to slam the door on 2021 and delighted to welcome a prosperous and healthy 2022 for all of us!


Sue O’Shea