Staff and student videos


The Marvin Staff made a special video for you!! 
(Thank you to Ms. Johnson!)

Mr. Hohl and the Cat in the Hat


Check out this great alligator video by Leo Pasculli in Ms. Johnson's class!!!!

Watch our Marvin School Girl Scout Videos!!

5.  Having a conversation with children about Hate and Racism.

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4. Memorial Day Video  

On this Memorial Day 2020,  The Norwalk Girl Scout Troop 50671 invites the community of Norwalk, Connecticut (and beyond!) to join in the initiative of The American Legion Post 12 to honor our heroes who died while serving in the USA armed forces. We will be lighting #candlesofhonor

Via this link, please find our video:

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amilies are invited to:

- Light a red candle to remember the blood shed in battle. 

- Light a white candle to keep our soldiers, Prisoners of War as well as those Missing in action in our thoughts and prayers as we await their return home.

Light a blue candle to salute the memories of those who made it home, but are no longer with us. 

The Girl Scouts are also encouraging children to decorate their porch or windows, with their own artwork, crafts, flowers, photos and of course our beautiful American flag. Additionally the girls are encouraging for families to remember the relatives who have served, and have a conversation of what it means to leave your family behind and fight in the name of your country and your loved ones, which is a topic that is so relevant now that we have our healthcare and essential workers putting their lives at risks to keep us safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

3. Malena Gomez 10 year old Girl Scout Makes face masks

2. Social

1. Hand washing:

And this is Maria from Kindergarten reading a story she wrote:  
Maria reading a story she