Week Ending 4/3

While almost all off our students have been responsible getting their work done and keeping up with their assignments, we would like to give a special shout out to the following students for the week ending 4/3/2020!!


K1 - Alex Nieves
K2 - Sherlyn Culajay
K3 - Alexa Landaverde
K4 - Sherline Rivas

First Grade
B1 - Victor Epure
B2 - Jasper Guzhan
B3 - Quinn Whitney
B7 - Leroy Davis

Second Grade
D1 - Crystal Rivas 
D2 - Charlie Borgerding
D3 - Athanasious Soulios
D4 - Alex Munoz

Third Grade 
C6 - Thomas Garces
C7 - Aaron Stetcher
C8 - Malik Wahid

Fourth Grade
B4 - Leo Montenegro
B5 - Kayla Bedell
B6 - Jose Ceja Fernadez

Fifth Grade
C2 - Amiya Charles
C3 - Corina  Moran
C4 - Kota Faucher
C5 -
 Roselia Martinez

  Ms. Tolboe would like to give a shout out to:  Ryan Smith

Mr. Rescsanszky would like to give a shout out to: Tassneem Boulekhyam and Emilia Trevino Hernandez

Mr. Lowery gives a shout out to:  Daniel Church

Congratulations to all!!