Week Ending April 10th

Marvin Stars

Marvin Stars are 
responsiblesafe, and respectful.
We would like to give a special shout out to the following students for the week ending 4/10/2020!!

K1 - Devyn Amerson and Marsen Dominique
K2 - Ciara Rhodes and Luis Restrepo
K3 - Gabriel Naranjo and Francesca Siano
K4 - Lisandro Moran and Maria Symeonidis

First Grade
B1 - Laila Jones and Bruno Llanos
B2 - Yasmine Essarsare and Lyla Sciarretta
B3 - Evie Boccanfuso and Avan Poudya
B7 - Theresa Filippetti and Mia Loja

Second Grade
D1 - Nicole Folga and Juan Orellana
D2 - Denym Melgoza and Natalia Valdovinos
D3 - Damian Rivera and Avery Sheldon
D4 - Isabella Peter, Mateo Rivera and Lillian Siano

Third Grade
C6 - Rayan Essaresare and Brennan Figuereo
C7 - Mattheo Gonzalez and Natalia Oracz
C8 - Napoleon Gavrielidis and Malik Wahid

Fourth Grade
B4 - Nicolas Escobar
B5 - Claudio Bienko and Christos Kleftogiannis
B6 - Will Mangone and Emilia Trevino

Fifth Grade

C2 - Amiya Charles
C3 - â€‹Julian Wilker
C4 - Hector Melgoza
C5 - Usaria Rahman

Congratulations to all!!