Week ending 4/17


We know most students are doing their very best during distance learning and we would like to give a special shout out to the following students for the week ending 4/17/2020!!

K1 - Eduardo Garcia and Alana Van Wart 
K2 - Alexandra Ruiz and Jacob Ruminski
K3 - Benny Deluise and Alison Newman
K4 - Charlie Schneider and Jahleah Vernon 

First Grade
B1 - Jeremiah Acosta and Guillermo Cabrera
B2 - Matthew Gomez and Londyn Williams
B3 - Kiara Tejada-DIaz and Aiden Cavildo-Flores
B7 - Thespina Gkiaourakis and Harrison McMurrer

Second Grade
D1 - Olivia Brown and Noah Ertl
D2 - Jack Lagervall and Reiko Nagata
D3 - Marina Barrantes and Arthur Cadete
D4 - Dillon Devin, Carolin Reyes deMota and Aidan Riddell

Third Grade
C6 -Gianna Cappaso and Brianna Ruiz
C7 - Saritha Almache and Younes Tazi
C8 - Sharon Argueta and Breysi Garcia

Fourth Grade
B4 - Julian Garcia and Valentia Velasquez
B5 - Jeremy Van Wart and Sasha Wilker
B6 - Isaac and Bernardo Katerina Kleftogiannis

Fifth Grade

C2 - Sebastian Lihv and Julia Oracz
C3 - Sara Bazzine and Isabella Chiappetta
C4 - Aiko Nagata and Mahjabin Nisat
C5 - Ryan Smith

Mr. Lowery would like to recognize the following band students for advancing belts!!

Mahjabin Nisat purple belt
Daniel Church - 
red belt

Mr. Rescsanszky would like to give a shout out to: Alessandro and Malena Gomez

Congratulations to all!!!