Week ending 4/24

We know most students are doing their very best during distance learning and we would like to give a special shout out to the following students for the week ending 4/24/2020!!

K1 - Benjamin Church and Valentina Gutierez
K2 - Matthew Collins and Stephanie Martinez
K3 - Niko Amador and Cailyn Bryant
K4 - Mason Capasso and Frankie Christopher

First Grade
B1 - Nylah Giordano and Claire Jeffries
B2 - Joshua Carazas and Alexsandra Sellery
B3 - Jaiden Andrews and Roland Marginean
B7 - CJ Gutiierrez and Melanie Lima

Second Grade
D1 - Nicolas Alvarado and Oliver Garza (Denise Allum,Cynthia Pagan, & Sara Robertson)
D2 - Jannate Boulekhyam, Justin Martinez, and Jackie Torres
D3 - Olivia Marcucilli, Jaila Mendez, and Tiffany Salas
D4 - Danill Fletes, and Rachael Patto 

Third Grade
C6 - Emma Mangone and Eve Rozycki
C7 - Christopher Contreras and Nailah Lee
C8 - Andrea Martinez and Jayden Massey

Fourth Grade
B4 - Oscar Aguilar and Kathy Wilhelm
B5 - Julianna Tapia and Cristian Torres
B6 - Tassneem Boulekhyam and Matthew Zapata

Fifth Grade

C2 - Katherine Oliveira and Julian Rodriguez
C3 - Yuliana Corona-Jaikel and Laura Llanos Rodriguez
C4 - Rayane Azizi and Ilaria Rozycki
C5 - 
Evelin Orellana

Mr. Lowery would like to recognize the following band students for advancing belt colors!!

Julian Rodriguez advanced to his BLUE Belt!

Luke Jefferies advanced to his PURPLE Belt! 

Daniel Church advanced to his BROWN Belt!

Claudia Bienko advanced to her BLUE Belt!

Congratulations to all!!!