Week ending 5/01

Marvin Stars

Marvin Stars are 
responsiblesafe, and respectful.
We know most students are doing their very best during distance learning and we would like to give a special shout out to the following students for the week ending 5/01/2020

K1 - Brielle Bates and Noah Licek
K2 - Aisha Gill and Aydin Wahid
K3 - Yazeed Ahmed and Hailey Curtin
K4 - Alexander Collado and Alex Moscosco

First Grade

B1 - Maria Koutsimanis and Alison Rojas
B2 - Zack Bravo and Emely Gomez
B3 - Danny Lagervall and Riley Rivera
B7 - Kiara Crafter and Mason Smith

Second Grade
D1 - Maryam Khan, Matias Morales, and Juairia Rahman
D2 - Alberto Corona and Rose Kessler
D3 - Alejandro Bustamante, Hajar El Yamani, and Evan Newman
D4 - Wilhelmina Heineman Allen and Damian Loja

Third Grade
C6 - Gabriella Taccone, and Ron Valladares
C7 - Alejandro Bustamante, Hajar El Yamani, and Evan Newman
C8 - Zaili Batista and Ama-Isabella Rivera

Fourth Grade
B4 - Noah Richeme and Daniel Church
B5 - Cynthia Contreras and Jose Martinez
B6 - Edwin Chen and John Carlos Lopez

Fifth Grade

C2 - Angel Almonte and Ximena Espana
C3 - Zoe Jarrell
C4 - Elizabeth Carillo and Roberto Yepez
C5 - 
Jana Recinos

Mr. Lowery would like to recognize the following band students for advancing belt colors!!

Yassin Ahmed advanced to his ORANGE Belt!
Patrick Collins 
advanced to his GREEN Belt!
Mitchell Gordillo advanced to his ORANGE Belt!

Mrs. Gotouhidis would like to recognize the following Marvin students who are advancing the CT Invention Convention (CIC) state finals.

Please enjoy their videos they submitted . 

Gabriella Taccone, third grader:


Daniel Church, fourth grader:


Sasha Wilker, fourth grader:


Leo Montenegro, fourth grader:


Congratulations to all!!!