Week Ending May 22nd

Marvin Stars

Marvin Stars are 
responsiblesafe, and respectful. 
We know most students are doing their very best during distance learning and we would like to give a special shout out to the following students for the week ending 5/22/2020

K1 - Alexa Cruiz, William Peter, and Dimitrios Soulios
K2 - Parker King, Violet Kessler, Ximena Martinez and Delainey Stecher
K3 - Lucas Garcia, Valerie Herrera, and Londy Ixcoy K4 - Arianna Bermeo and Dylan Moreno

First Grade

B1 - Kylee Acloque, Linzy CulaJay Lazaro and Lucas Cuevas
B2 - Tristan Jack and Chloe Serna
B3 - Chloe Bryant and Shantel Mora
B7 - 
Kate Cabrera and Hunter Davis

Second Grade
D1 - Alberto Corona and Camila Tavarez
D2 - Jonathan Defreitas
D3 - Samuel Agbobli and Natalie Chetta
D4 - Carolin Reyes

Third Grade
C6 - Bryan Avalos and Ashlyn Yanes
C7 - Alan Bautista, Sanai Davis and Chase Harmon
C8 - 
Patrick Boland, Vivi Molina, Leo Pasculli and Carsen Segura

Fourth Grade
B4 - Stacy Arias and Sebastian Bustamante
B5 - Jay Flores and Malena Gomez
B6 -
Julian Eiermann, Luis Mandujano and Miley Senft

Fifth Grade
C2 - Sebastian Anguiano and Aneli Jimenez-Guzman
C3 - Damian Hernandez Uva
C4 - Nathan Morales and Ilaria Rozycki
C5 -Divanie Cervantes and Patrick Collins

Mr. Lowery would like to recognize the following band students for advancing belt colors!!

Yassin Ahmed advanced to his BLUE Belt!

Claudia Bienko advanced to her RED Belt!

James Deacy advanced TWO BELTS this week.
He earned his YELLOW and ORANGE Belts!

Mitchell Gordillo advanced to his BLUE Belt!

A very special mention...Daniel Church became the first Marvin band student to earn a BLACK BELT!!!


Please view this awesome video performed by our band students!  https://youtu.be/xwE--yNMXRs

Congratulations to all!!!