Week ending 5/29

Marvin Stars

Marvin Stars are 
responsiblesafe, and respectful. 
We know most students are doing their very best during distance learning and we would like to give a special shout out to the following students for the week ending 5/29/2020

K1 - Joselyn Gomez and Alexsandra Velez
K2 - Jesus Ceja, Monroe Jeffreys, and Skyler West
K3 - Kendric Knowles and Jordi Mendez K4 - Elijah Aaron and Kylie Tari

First Grade

B1 - Juliet Alvarenga and Anderson Romero
B2 - Gabriel Ceci and Jacob Rojas
B3 - Sydney Bailey and Izaylia Montalvo
B7 - 
Angel Felipe and Isaiah Herold

Second Grade
D1 - Steven Romero
D2 - Fernanda Bautista
D3 - Sophia Chamale and Jonavan Montanez
D4 - Isabelle Peter and Lillian Siano

Third Grade
C6 - Jayden Adorno and Savannah D'Erario
         C7 - Jhonaliz Cabrera, Iman Green, Ashyra Sanders and Danely Yepez
C8 - 
Nico Pirrone, Cam Stevenson
and Adrianna Torres

Fourth Grade
B4 - Kwaku Agyeman and Andy Chavez
B5 - Caleb Hudson, Jonathan Martinez, and Olivia Slinsky
B6 -
Joseph Lazaro Crislin Martinez Michael Zelaya

Fifth Grade
C2 - Jayden Canales
C3 - Ashley Diaz and Rylan Louis
C4 - Rayane Azizi and Jasveer Singh
C5 -James Deacy and Stavroula Soulios

Congratulations to all!!!